Deluxe Computer Repair*

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Deluxe Computer Repair*

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00

Complete System Overhaul!

Virus Removal, Information Backup, Fresh Windows/Mac OSX Install, Test and Optimize!



Virus Infections, Blue Screen, No Boot?

A computers operating system can become corrupted for any reason at any time.

Microsoft recommends you backup your information and install a fresh copy of windows once a year.

We offer this service including:

#1 Backup your documents, emails, pictures, etc, to an external drive (Cd or DvD Backup available at an additional charge)

#2 Scan files to insure we do not transfer any virus infections

#3 Install a fresh copy of windows or mac operating system,

#4 install drivers and other software - Original program license code and installation Cd's must be provided by the client. (If you do not have your original we may have a copy, just ask!)

#5 Upload clients original documents backup to computer

#6 Test and deliver

*Up to 4 hours included, any additional hours to be charged at $50.00 Per Hour with approval of client

Additional Information

Additional Information

Price $299.00