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Zen Web Media testimonial from Kristy Rose

First and foremost, I need to say that Jose saved my computer when I thought all hope was gone! It took him a matter of HOURS to fix and return my iMac in pristine condition when other companies took WEEKS to tell me they didn't have the answer. If you relate in any way to the story below, you need to turn to Jose with Zen Web Media for help: My iMac gave me the pinwheel of death one morning and then wouldn't turn back on after I manually shut it down. Panicked, I drove straight to the Apple store (my computer only being 2 years old, refurbished) and after being charged $200, I got my iMac a WEEK later with (supposedly) a brand new hard drive disk installed. I lost everything when it was scrubbed, which bummed me out, but luckily most of my files were backed up. It was when I went on the internet for the first time that I figured out my antivirus was deleted in the Apple restoration. I was being bombarded anytime I clicked on anything by dangerous-looking pop-ups. I couldn't figure out how to get protected. So I called an IT guy, registered to fix these kind of situations. He came over, and after an hour and a half - not to mention an additional $50 - he seemed to have done nothing but click the same settings over and over. Upon my next internet browse, ads galore. Finally, Jose took my computer in. I wish I had just done this in the first place!!! He returned my computer within 48 hours and I haven't had one problem with it since. Jose was also extremely helpful with my questions, such as browsing options and downloading apps, due to my general lack of tech knowledge. I would point anyone in Jose's direction if you're in San Diego! Thank you again, Jose!

Kristy Rose

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Testimonial from DJ DiamondI have to give a big thanks to Jose Juan Maldonado! He is a computer wizard!! Best Computer tech Ive ever had, he made my computer up to date, working beautifully, cleaned it up, found a ton more space and got it in tip top working order!! your the best, THANK YOU!!! If you need computer help go to Jose!!!

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From Yelp
Reviews from Yelp

2 thumbs up . . . to put it simply.

Review by He has consistently solved out network problems quickly and efficiently and has been my I.T. all around network/computer consultant and maintenence provider of choice for over 7 years now.
I run a network of 12 computers including a server on a domain with mac and pcs requiring cross platform file sharing & domain access. Not a beginners network by any stretch.
Jose has always handled our needs and minimized our down times regardless of the cause from software to service provider errors to hardware malfunctions over the years. He has always provided service in a quick, professional & economical manner.

Jose comes highly recommended with a good reputation & is respected by his colleagues & clients alike.

President - Seedless Clothing

Casey Connors reviews Zen Web Media

I would gladly hire Jose again at any time

Review by on behalf of my business associate Jose Maldonado. We have known each other and have been working on many projects over the past approximately 12 years. Jose has assisted me with a wide range of projects and services from multi-media productions to e-commerce and has proven himself capable of tackling any task he puts his mind to. On top of an ever widening skill set his work ethic is always impressive and he thinks ahead to predict potential problems and is always evaluating scenarios from a cost benefit perspective which has ended up saving myself and our clients both time and money. Several of our past and current client sites are listed on my site with link below.

I would gladly hire Jose again at any time

Regards, Casey Connors
President - Solutions Innovative